We have hundreds of happy users: from individuals saving a few bucks a month, to start-ups of all stages and sizes and even well-known large companies that save $10000s monthly, and we always love to hear about their success stories.

Pricing Plans

Open Source

  • Code available on GitHub, build it yourself (you must fork and rename it to something else since AutoSpotting is a protected trademark)
  • You need to figure out how to build and deploy it
  • Barely tested, unstable at times
  • Unsupported but can be arranged if you get in touch
  • Unlimited customization possibilities, get in touch if you need help
$50/AWS account/month

  • Pre-built from carefully tested code revisions
  • Installs in minutes
  • Production-grade (already used in production)
  • Covered by Enterprise support
  • No savings limit
  • Licensed per AWS account, discounts can be negotiated at scale

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You can see more detailed and up-to-date information about the project and get the installation instructions if you visit the link below.

Github project page

From our blog

Latest news about the project will be shared here on a regular basis.

New Stable Release

on 28 Apr 2019

I’m very excited to announce that after many months of development and testing, a new stable AutoSpotting build has just been released. What’s new? This release contains many new features and under the hood reliability improvements implemented since the previous stable release: Automated handling of the spot termination notifications by either immediately terminating the instances executing their lifecycle hooks or detaching them from the group (and thus load balancer) if there’s no lifecycle hook configured.

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New Homepage

on 18 Jan 2018

After a lot of time of using the GitHub README.md as only web presence of the project, AutoSpotting now has a dedicated homepage at autospotting.org. Previous blog posts about the project are still available on the author’s personal blog.

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